• Belva Adams
    In loving memory of my sister Belva
    I can't call you on the phone anymore
    but in my heart, I talk to you everyday
    Love & miss you, Your sister Hazel

  • Carmen Estrada Adams
    In loving Memory of One of GODS..true Angels
    fearless in the natural
    & now your truly free to be
    & rest among your righteous people.
    Thank You for being my inspiration & strength.
    Thanks for blessing everyone with your presence.
    I won't forget you & will always love you.
    Love you always.
    Love, Roni

  • Angie Renea Aldridge
    1968 ~ 2016
    In loving memory, your spirit will live on.
    Sherry and Dana

  • Keri Sue Baker
    My sister, My strength
    I miss her & will always remember what she said to everyone
    "I WILL see you on the beaches in heaven"
    Keri, I will see you on the beaches in heaven
    Sister, I love you with all my heart.
    Love, your sister Sarah D

  • Elizabeth Barbara Baragaña (DOO)
    Ellie ~ My Sister,BestFriend & Guardian Angel
    A sisters love is something I was blessed to have.
    A sisters bond is so strong,
    that not even in death can it be broken.
    Brownie, its almost a year that u passed away,
    stills seems like yesterday to me.
    Some days are better than others,
    but tonight as I sit here
    I can't stop the tears from falling down my face.
    I miss you so very very much.
    I just want you to know
    that you always were & will always be
    the wind beneath my wings.
    Te quiero y te extraño mucho hermana.
    We all miss you Ellie.
    Luv u always,
    Your sister Sandra

  • Lori Harney-Bice
    10-20-59 to 5-6-98.
    You will be in our hearts & memories forever!!
    Always in our memories,
    Tom & Kelly & family

  • Bonnie
    August 31 1959 ~ September 13 2004
    Today God called you home,
    Extended His arms and opened Heavens Doors,
    Heaven is more beautiful because my sister is there,
    walking with the Angels in Jesus's loving care.
    I will always love and miss you Sis
    Love always, Norma

  • Sandra K. Buckman
    09/28/1945 ~ 08/06/1996
    To my beautiful sister,
    Even though you have passed,
    there is not a day that goes by
    that I think of all our good times & you bring me a smile
    And I know you are here with me.
    Love, Janice

  • Dororthy Bucknam
    Love, your Sister Diane

  • Deborah A. Burdick
    Missing terribly the sister I never knew.
    You are always in my thoughts & prayers.
    Love, Lynne

  • Kathy Lynne Tatum Cahill
    Kathy, we all miss & love you very much!
    I'll do my best by your kids,
    and think of you always.
    Love, Trisha

  • Lisa Berna Catlett
    Born- 03/17/65
    Passed on from cystic fibrosis- 10/09/85
    You were always such a strong person
    and never let your illness get you down.
    I will admire
    and love you forever.
    We miss you so very much
    but your memory lives with us always.
    We love you Lisa.
    Love, your sister Tina.

  • Mable Jane Kelley Caudill
    9/14/1959 ~ 3/25/1977.
    When you died a part of me died with you.
    Love, your Twin Sister

  • Andrea Martinez Cisneros
    06/10/1968 ~ 10/30/2004
    My little sister,
    no more diabetes, no more doctors, no more dialysis,
    no more needles and no more hospitals.
    Now you are a healthy, even more beautiful angel.
    We love & miss you.
    One Sweet Day little sister,
    one sweet day.
    Loving you for eternity,
    your Big Sister Christina,
    your husband Santos, your sons,
    and Mom Rosemary
    & all your nieces & nephews.

  • Sandra A. Coleman
    My Sister-in-Law was a wonderful person,
    who could make a friend where ever she went.
    She is missed...

  • Laurie Henry Daffern
    We were always here for each other
    now that you have gone
    to live with our Lord
    I know you are better off,
    but my heart misses you terribly.
    Your loving sister, Jackie

  • Linda Helen Manning Donaldson
    09/09/1947 ~ 04/13/1998
    I loved you then,
    I love you now,
    I will love you forever
    I miss you with all the tears of my heart.
    Your Sister, Darlene

  • Linda Faye Schysm Doyle
    06/27/1943 ~ 06/13/2001
    Linda, I love & miss you so very much!
    Give Daddy & Moma a hug & kiss for me!
    Love Always,
    Your Sister, Kathy Sue Schysm Perkins

  • Jennie Reigger Ellis
    Just wanted to say goodbye in the way I never got the chance to
    and that you will always be loved
    and have the most special place in my heart
    and that of my children and grandchildren
    through your pictures and the memories I have of you.
    I miss you everyday.
    Love, your sister and best friend, Annie

  • Bert Fleming(Melton)
    My sister,my friend.
    She is now a angel in heaven.
    I love and miss her.
    Born December 12, 1948.
    Became an angel June 6, 2001.
    I love you with all my heart
    and not having you here
    has been the hardest thing for me.
    I miss& love you so, much.
    There isn't a day that doesn't go by...
    that I don't think of you.
    Love, your little sister

  • Bert Fleming (Melton)
    12-12-48 to 6-6-01
    In loving memory of my sister Bert.
    You can't image how much I love & miss you.
    There is never a day that goes by that I don't think of you,
    a sister bond is so strong
    that not even in death can it be broken.
    I love you so very, very much.
    Luv u always,
    Your sister,"Wanda"

  • Janice Marie Washington Freeman
    On April 6 you went home to be with the Lord,
    we didn't get a chance
    to say good-bye.
    We love & miss you much,
    see you when we get there.
    Good-bye for now; see you.
    Love, Linda, Avinell,
    Bobbie & Lawrence

  • Susan Gendron
    We all love
    and miss you very much.
    Your Sister-in-law, Diane

  • Teresea Lynn Gore
    07/06/1957 ~ 12/24/1983.
    Teresea, I still miss you very much,
    you were my sister but
    you were my best friend too.
    I love you dearly Sis.
    Your loving Sister, Linda Kay Dixon

  • Susan Haas
    Born: 10/5/48 - Passed On: 2/28/67.
    I miss you so much still.
    Not a day passes
    that I do not think about you.
    We were so close
    and we could have shared
    so many more happy times together.
    I will always love you.
    Love, Karen

  • Mildred Lawing Harvery (Mitzi)
    02/1/1952 ~ 12/19/1998.
    Mitzi I don't think I'll ever get over you passing.
    We thought we would out live our husbands
    and become old maids together.
    You always did & always will have my heart.
    It's hard to handle
    not hearing your sweet voice
    and loving touch.
    God knew what we didn't.
    You will never be forgotten
    by your other brothers and sisters.
    Love, Nita

  • Debbie West-Havellana
    Loving her always, the Wests

  • Helen & Grace
    Helen: 6/9/1938 ~ 4/23/2001
    Grace: 7/23/1940 ~ 3/13/2000
    "Love you Forever
    Like you for Always
    As long as We're Living
    Our Sister you'll Be"
    Dick, Barb, Eleanor,
    Bill, & Sandy

  • Debbie Hoag
    Love & Miss you, Jon

  • Lisa Hoag
    Even though I didn't get to know you that well,
    you're always in my heart
    and always will be.
    Love, your sister Krista

  • Lisa Ann Hohl (Koffarnus)
    December 25, 1964 ~ August 5, 2001
    Lisa, since the day you left us here on this Earth I have missed you.
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you
    and long to hear your voice, touch your hand or see your smiling face.
    My life is forever changed by your absence.
    I will forever hold you in my heart and remember you.
    You were my soul sister, my best friend and part of my life blood.
    I will love and miss you forever
    and hold all of your goodness in my heart!
    Love your twin, Lori

  • Karon House
    Please click on her name
    to visit tribute from her sister.

  • Cathy Huhn
    01/30/1943 ~ 04/12/2001
    Cath, I miss your smile,
    your voice, your laugh,
    and those conversations
    that only sisters can know.
    I was blessed to have you as my sis.
    Love, Trisha

  • Cathy L. Hurst
    1958 ~ 2003
    You left us so quickly and unexpectedly
    We still had a lot of things we needed to do together
    I wish I could call you,
    just to talk and laugh with you
    You were my shoulder to cry on,
    my advisor, my best friend,
    but most of all, you were and still are My Little Sister.
    Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and expect you to come to see me.
    I miss you more each day and I Love You now and forever.
    I just wish I knew exactly what happened that morning,
    but it looks like I never will.
    If I could talk to you, I know you would tell me why this happened.


  • Patricia Jones (Rabbey)
    I miss you & love you very much.
    There are times I want to talk to you
    because you were always good to talk to.
    I do talk to you
    and I know you are listening.
    Love & miss you always.

  • Sandra Darlene Jones
    Love, your sister.

  • Cristia May Karcher
    July 2, 1956 to Aug. 30, 2002
    You were taken away so suddenly and I miss you with all my heart.
    Please watch over us from heaven.
    I love you and miss you..
    Love Sister Kim

  • Julie Anne Kenison
    I'm sure you know how many people
    love and miss you.
    You are in our thoughts everyday.
    From earth to heaven
    we love you Julie.
    Love Rachel

  • Kathy Kim, M.D.
    July 29, 1965 ~ May 17, 2004
    Kathy, we love and miss you more than words can ever express.
    You left us far too soon,
    but you will always be in our hearts and souls.
    We will live our lives to make you proud
    and look forward to the time when we are together again.
    Sarah Kim-Thompson & Mary Kim

  • Debra "Drew" Hardin Kudela
    10-4-1954 ~ 4-26-2005
    You always believed in Angels.
    Now you fly with them.
    Forever loved, forever missed.

  • Angela Laframboise
    October 23, 2000, Angie crossed over & was met by her parents
    to make her transition more comfortable.
    I wish I had understood you more Angie,
    your illness was such a barrier for you wasn't it?
    I no longer need to worry about you dear sister
    knowing you're finally at peace.
    God Bless you, I miss you.
    Thank you for giving me so many signs
    in order to let me know you're happy once again.
    Please continue to keep watch over our brother Art,
    he is struggling so much,
    wrap your beautiful angel wings around him Angie
    and keep him safe from himself.
    I have seen you and you are such a beautiful, radiating angel
    whom I have never seen so happy and peaceful
    Be well dear sister
    Until you greet me at the gate, xoxox
    Love, your sister Pauline

  • Jo Ann Lanc
    You are forever
    the wind beneath my wings
    With everlasting love,
    Your sister, Nancy

  • Ellen Kaye Lapolla
    Love Sister Marylou
    Nieces.. Tracy & Sarah

  • Amarilys Lebron
    I will always love you
    because you were angel sent from heaven
    to give lessons down in this earth
    for others to learn
    & keep you in our hearts.
    Know that no matter what happens
    YOU will always be in my heart
    & always in my mind and soul.
    Love Always,
    Your baby sister, Grisel

  • Carolyn Solas Diamante Lehmann
    12/1/1969 ~ 8/25/2014
    I miss you every day you've been gone.
    Sometimes my life can't go on.
    You are forever a part of me.
    In my heart you will always be.
    Christie (Sissie)

  • Donna Jean Luna
    4/25/1965 ~ 6/28/2003
    In memory of Donna you are missed dearly.
    And knowing that one day we will all be together again
    helps us through our pain.
    We love you.
    Love your sis, Darlene

  • Hassie Godbey Malone
    She was a beautiful woman
    with a beautiful soul.
    We'll meet again some day, my big sister.
    In remembrance, sister Jane

  • Marianne
    Dear Marianne,
    I wanted to let you know
    I still think about you everyday
    and I know you're still being my big sister
    (but still shorter)
    cuz I couldn't get thru all I've been thru
    without your strength & guidance
    you've given me from your new home...
    I miss ya...hey yer ugly,ugly,ugly!!!
    I love you still!!
    love always, Karen

  • Teresa Martin
    My sister, my friend.
    She is now an angel in Heaven.
    I love her and miss her.
    Born April 15,1962
    became an angel May 30th 1998
    Love, your little sister Samantha

  • Margarita Martinez (Tuly)
    My Dearest Sister.
    April 20,1976 - April 13, 2000.
    Tuly you've always known how much you meant to me.
    The pain in my heart will cease when we meet in Heaven.
    Loving you and missing you tremendously,

  • Donna Collene Mayo
    01/17/1958 ~ 02/14/2002
    Donna was a very loving sister.
    When she died of cancer
    she left behind 1 daughter
    and 4 sons
    and 2 grandsons which she loved
    each & everyone so very much.
    We all miss you very much.
    Your loving sister Mary & family

  • Sandra McCready
    July 12, 1950 to April 2, 2004
    I was so proud of you for fighting what you knew could not be won.
    You were brave.
    When you knew it was time you waited for all of us to be with you.
    You were surrounded by all your loved ones.
    You chose not to die alone.
    You chose to be with us.
    We held your hand & covered you in kisses
    and saw the peace in your face when you took your last breath.
    After all of your suffering it was your gift to us....
    to know all was well with you again & the pain was over.
    We miss you so much, but you are still with us.
    That's the thing about love.
    It never dies.

    Love, Your sister Patty

  • Debra Charlene McGill
    APRIL 16,1996.
    Mourn for me not my fellow man,
    my time for peace is now at hand.
    No tears for me are to be shed,
    for now for me by God's hand I'm led.
    A peaceful sleep has taken me,
    and all on earth forsaken me.
    Mourn for me not my fellow man,
    for now I am safely in God's hands.
    This was the poem I wrote for my sister
    before she passed away from cancer
    after a 12 year fight.

    With Love,
    Your sister, Rosemary.

  • Leanne LeForge Moore
    Leanne I miss you so.
    You were not only my sister,
    but also my friend.
    You are missed daily.
    I never knew
    how much I needed you,
    until you were gone.
    I'm sorry.
    Love, Linda

  • Scharlene Kay Nesler
    Scharlene, I miss & love you so very much!
    The pain is still so strong in my heart.
    It just seems like yesterday
    I was holding your hand & saying good-bye.
    I Love You
    Love your sister, Pam

  • Sandra Kay Pearson
    Was my older sister. Her birthday is August 3 1956.
    She died on October 8 2004.
    I love and miss you Sandy.
    The family will see that the person that murdered you and Ray
    is dealt with according to the law
    To the fulless extent.
    Love, Kathy

  • Karen Sue Pennington
    I miss you very much!!
    Your loving sister, Bonnie

  • Rose Mary Plumley
    There is not a day that goes by
    that I do not think about you.
    I miss you very much.
    Love, your sister, Liz

  • Jean Marie Reich
    I miss all the times
    we shared together
    Almost 20 years have passed,
    but you are always
    in my heart
    Love Your Sister,
    Mary Ellen

  • Carolyn Sylvia Meyers-Rhodes
    Love, your sister Roberta

  • Samantha Robertson
    I love & miss you so much.
    You left a beautiful child
    to remind me
    ...so much of you.
    You will never be forgotten.
    Love, Brandy W

  • Samantha Leigh Robertson
    Me & Bub miss you so much sis
    and we wish you could still be in our lives.
    We love you & hated to see you go so fast.
    Love, Rick & Bub

  • Ruth
    Boy how I wish we could sit
    & have a cup of coffee together like we did so long ago.
    I love & miss you.
    love your sister Ethel

  • Renee Starkweather
    Sept. 28, 1972 ~ Jan. 12, 1995
    I love you with all my heart
    and not having you here by my side
    has been the hardest thing for me.
    I miss and love you so much.
    There isn't a day that doesn't go by
    ...that I don't think of you.
    Love, your sister Krista

  • Betty Coxs Taylor
    I miss you so much
    and I want to know what happened
    I guess I will never know
    But why?
    Love your sister, Charlotte

  • Diane Tello
    You went home
    before I was ready to say good-bye.
    I will see you when I get there.
    Love, Melinda

  • Cathy Tincher
    Cathy, when you left this world
    you created in me a void
    that can never be filled again.
    I miss you so much
    that it hurts.
    You died 8 years ago
    and life has not been the same since.
    You were my sister & best friend
    and I will love you always.
    I miss you little sister.
    Love, Your sister, Lorene

  • Cathy Tincher
    Cathy, words cannot express the depth of pain and Love
    You are surely now an angel up above
    Although I was just your brother in law
    in you this is what I saw
    Will hug you in Heaven little sis.
    TLAF your “brother”,
    Dennis Arndt

  • Vicky Lynn Varnell
    Stronger than the winds,
    deeper than the seas,
    she was the best sister to me.
    Loved by one and all,
    far and near,
    only memories that live
    and might fade away I fear.
    I will remember her always.

  • Loretta Williams
    02/8/1948 ~ 4/5/2004
    I will forever love you and miss you, my dear sweet sissy.
    I will never forget the last time you saw me
    and knew who I was before you died.
    Those sweet eyes looked at me and you said,
    "Hi Sissy, I love you."
    No one knows the emptiness I have since you left.
    My life will never be the same!
    I miss you so very much, but I know I will see you again some sweet day.
    Love, Leisa

  • Earnestine S. Willingham
    01/19/1959 ~ 08/29/1998
    I miss you so much.
    Thanks for being the wonderful sister
    that you were to me.
    Love your sister, Johnnie Mae Roberson

  • Mary Wisdom
    1935 ~ 1997
    My dear Sister, There is never a day that goes by
    that I don't think of you.
    I miss you so terribly.
    Dying so suddenly left a hole in my heart.
    I never got to say that final good-bye
    and tell you how much I loved you
    and appreciated all the things you did for me.
    You were my sister my friend,
    and a second mom to me.
    I loved you.
    Love Sister Dear
    Love, Nancy

  • Ella Tabitha White
    03/10/1933 ~ 12/13/2000.
    I love and miss you.
    Your sister, Judy

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