In Memory of Our Loved Ones

  • Skyler Jakob Adams-born May 17, 2001, died May 17, 2001. We miss you very much, and I know that you are watching over baby Justice. We all miss you very much, but you are with uncle Tony. And you are in a place where you will never fill pain. Love Aunt Emily

  • Emerson Ray Batcher Jr.-December 9 1976 ~ October 8 2004. His mother Sandra Kay Pearson was also murdered on the same day. The person who murdered them has been charged. It was Sandy's estranged husband & Ray's stepfather. I love you and miss you both terribly. Forever you are in my heart. Love your sister and aunt, Kat

  • Brett Breland-09/20/1985 ~ 01/01/1992. My love for you is never ending. You will always be my little "Spaghetti Man". Your cousins know you well, even though they were never blessed to meet you. Forever in our hearts...Love, Auntie Marc

  • Steven Robert Bush-It's been 5 long months since you went away. The days are still so lonely with out your smiling face. Steven always remember that I will have you in my heart & mind. I love you & miss you. Love, Aunt Marcie

  • Donovan Wayne Carr-Donovan, I wish so much for another chance to hold you, kiss you & to see your sweet smile. There will always be a special place for you deep inside of me. You were loved so much & still are. I love you always & forever. Love, Aunt Crystal

  • Steve Evilsizer-Steve dear, You were & always will be my heart-song. I'll remember you always green-eyes. So young to be taken away, your family misses you. Love, Aunt Carolyn

  • Dakota Francey-We only had you for a few months but our lives will never be the same. We love you and miss you. Aunt Jeni

  • Epifanio Gomez, Jr.-Fanio, we will always love and miss you, you are forever in our hearts, Love Always, Aunt Patti, Mom, Dad, Steph, Tommy, Dave, Haley & JJ (I know that you've seen JJ, from heaven) Aunt Patti- Patti Tulipano

  • Timmy Goudreau-Pray for me. Love always, Auntie Corinne

  • Tyler Jason Grace-9/21/2000 ~ 9/21/2000. Even though we never got to really meet you & talk to you, you will always be in our hearts & minds. I sometimes wonder if maybe you were just too perfect for this world & that's why God called you home. You will never be forgotten. Love, Jenny, Matt, & Chloe

  • Dearest Chung Keong-2ND ANNIVERSARY. Departed: 12/05/99. A face we miss is gone...A vision we love remains. It's for us to treasure forever, for someone very dear that we've lost. Deeply missed by: Jee Ku, Jee Kim Soo, Wang & Ailee

  • Jason Koshoshek-November 18, 1971 ~ March 11, 2001. In memory of Jason, here is a poem he wrote on February 27, 2001, an hour following his cancer diagnosis: "I will only die once, never again. I'll be in pain but brave, until the very end. I pray for my family to live on, knowing that I will love them forever, even when I'm gone." You're often in our thoughts Jason, and forever in our hearts. Love, Uncle Tom & Aunt Gene

  • Timothy Micheal LaFlamme-05/10/1974 ~ 08/01/1999. We all Love & miss you so very much. I know you're watching over us. I can feel your smile & hear your laugh. Until we meet again...Love, Auntie Donna

  • Dakota James Myers-09/07/2000 ~ 11/10/2000. "In memory of my wonderful nephew". You are greatly missed. I did not get much time with you, but I will always remember you! I will keep you close in my heart til we meet one day on the otherside. Always thinking of you! Love always, your Aunt Brenda

  • Scott Anthony Olson-July 14, 1980 ~ June 15, 2004. We all miss you Scott and think of you often. We wish you were here with us. You'll always be in our hearts. Uncle Tom & Aunt Margene

  • Larry Shane Pruitt-Love, Aunt Gina

  • Tiny, Christopher, Terry & Jerome-Will remember you all for as long as we live. Always in our hearts

  • Phillip Gordon Todahl-(Toes) 10/26/1993 ~ 12/21/1993. Even though you were only with me for a short time you are still in my heart and always will be. The 7 weeks you were with us, I took care of you like my own son. I love you Toes and I always think of you. You were a blessing in disguised. Love Forever, Aunt Bridget

  • Jason Vincent Wargo-We miss you terribly & wish you were here with us. Just try to help us until the day we can be with you again. Your dad and mom are so sad & talk about you all the time. We all love you. Aunt Pattie, Michael, & Meghan

  • Silas Lane Wolfersberger-(my little si guy) 2/21/2002 ~ 4/30/2002. Even though we were blessed with you for a short while, we all miss and love you. When we meet again Silas I will hold you tight in my arms just like before. You were my nephew, my godchild, and so much more. Grandma(s) and Grandpa(s) miss you alot. But we know you are well.. till we meet again I want you to know not a day goes by when we don't think of you. We love you. Hugs and tickles.. Aunt Tonya and Uncle Jameson

  • Anthony Tony Woron-Hey Spud, You are missed terribly by everyone. It's so hard to believe that your young life has been taken when you had so much to live for. I remember your smile that you always had on your face. Give Poppop Adam & Poppop Bill a kiss for me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Love, Aunt Bonnie

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