• Russ Abner
    We miss you very much Russ.
    You were a great husband and father.
    We continue to cherish your memory and we always will.
    Rest in peace my love
    Your loving wife,

  • Ronald "Scott" Baldwin
    9/4/1971 ~ 7/20/1999.
    Scott was killed by a careless driver
    on his way home from work
    He was 27 years old.
    I love you baby & the kids & I always will.
    You were my knight
    and can't wait for the day
    we can be together again.
    Until then keep on riding the rainbows.
    Love always,
    Deb, Scott, Kayla,
    Jordyn, and Mikel Tyler

  • Eric Walter Barton
    I love you and always will.
    We will be together in time my love.
    You left me devastated.
    Loving only you
    Your loving wife, Theresa M Barton

  • Brian Duke Biggers
    May 16, 1960 ~ May 14, 1984.
    I will always love you Brian.
    I think about you everyday.
    I wish I had only a moment back
    and in that small piece of time
    I would hug you softly and say, "I Love You"
    Love, Peggie

  • Bill
    I miss you so much
    I lost my best friend
    You will always be in my heart
    Life without you isn't easy
    Love, your wife Sue

  • Gene Boaz
    April 11, 1946 ~ September 30, 1999.
    Although your time was short on this Earth,
    you always lived it to the fullest,
    taking the time to give of yourself
    to anyone who needed anything.
    I will always love you & miss you.
    Your loving wife, Denise

  • John "J.D." Buckles
    June 19, 1942 ~ Jan. 4, 2001
    True Love Ways.
    You were and are best friend,
    my love,
    my reason for being.
    My every concious thought
    is of you.
    I will always love you.
    Always, Wilma

  • Robert Lamar Chapman
    05/03/1950 ~ 01/17/2002
    This was the most amazing man on earth.
    He was loved by so many.
    He gave me 19 incredible years, we were joined at the hip.
    I am so lost without my hubby.
    I do not know how I will go on.
    He was my WORLD & my LIFE.
    I have no life now because it went with him.
    I adored him, worshipped him, and loved him beyond anyone can imagine.
    I am so empty inside.
    Love always, Elaine

  • Christopher Marshall Coalson
    August 2, 1973 ~ November 12, 1998
    Even though it has been a little over 7 years,
    there is never a day that goes by
    that I do not think of you
    - esp. when the song that you sent to my voicemail before your passing
    ... "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy
    - plays on the radio.
    I know it is your way of letting me know
    that you are still here watching over me.
    There have been times I have been in my car
    and as soon as I turn on the radio that song comes on
    or when I turn on my radio,
    it comes on immediately after the song that is already on.
    I only hope that you are saving a spot for me next to you in Heaven.
    I miss you so very much that you would never know.

    For eternity, Amanda

  • Philip John Dalla Valle
    June 30, 1964 ~ April 18, 2005
    My Husband Philip (P.J.) was one of those people who "Loved".
    His Love for me was enough to wrap around the world ten times over,
    and then some.
    If he were able to lasso the the moon
    and bring it to my window and serenade me,
    he would have.
    We had just gotten married on March 30,2005
    but then he went home to be with Our Loving Lord and Savior On April 18, 2005.
    Even though it was only a short time
    It felt like a lifetime.....
    I will forever hold him close to my heart,
    and wait to see his Loving face On The Other Side.

    I love you Babe...
    Your Loving Wife, Christina M. Dalla Valle

  • Rev. Teddy Bruce Damron
    January 6, 1957 ~ July 2, 2000
    Honey, I know the Lord needed you more than I did
    I know our home is lonely without you
    and I know our children miss you
    Our baby calls for you all the time
    I do tell her you are in heaven
    I just can't wait for Jesus to come
    and take us home
    I love you my darling
    I will meet you by the river
    Your wife-Connie Damron & children

  • Dan
    06/02/1957 ~ 12/18/1994
    I will forever love & miss you.
    Love, your wife Cathy

  • Anthony DeMattio
    3/29/1943~ 3/19/2001.
    You asked me not to hurt so much
    when you had to go but,
    my darling Tony I couldn't keep that promise
    because I Love you so.
    You were my hero
    and the Love of my life
    & I want you to know that,
    I will cherish your memory
    for the rest of my life
    I Will Love You Forever & Always

  • Steven Robert Feltner
    8/20/1977 ~ 7/21/2000
    I miss you so much.
    I know you had to go.
    You didn't have the strength to fight any longer.
    You'll always be a true hero in my heart,
    for you gave cystic fibrosis the fight of your life.
    To me you'll always be the winner,
    cause you no longer have to battle this disease.
    God decided you were too good for this world
    & had better things in store for you!!
    You will always be in my heart
    for that is as close as I can hold you now.
    I'll see you soon!!
    Hope you're getting those hole-in-one golf games you always wished you could!
    I Love you Steve.
    Rest in peace.
    Love your wife, Nikki

  • Omar Fernandez
    02/08/1966 ~ 03/11/1995.
    I miss you terribly. You were the sunshine in my life.
    I'll always love & miss you.
    Love, Your Wife Shannon

  • Frank
    Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather
    Love, Babe

  • William Joseph Freas III
    January 18th, 1974 ~ June 11, 2003
    Billy, we miss you so much.
    Our children talk about you all of the time
    and all I can tell them is your safe in heaven,
    looking down and smiling over them.
    I wish we could have had more time together
    and you could have seen Ashley, Amanda and Lil' Billy grow up in life.
    The only good thought to have now is your watching over us all
    and you made it safely to heaven.
    We love you
    and you'll never be forgotten!!!
    Love your wife ,Cindy

  • Dave Peter Galassi
    There is not a day that goes by
    that you are not in my thoughts.
    We all love & miss you.
    But we know you are watching over us.
    With all my love Judy

  • Thomas F. Gallagher, Jr., TSgt. USAF Ret
    We have new Grandchildren, wish you were here to enjoy them.
    I love and miss you.

  • Stephen John Garrett
    Dec. 27, 1936 Died April 14, 1992
    My Darling, Steve
    It's been a year now
    You were so young (46)
    Now you are in heaven
    & our grandson & your father is up there now...with you.
    I love & miss you
    Life is not the same without you.
    Josh (grandson) misses you so much.
    Rest In Peace today & always
    ...till we meet again...
    I will always love you.

  • William Matthew Gaynor
    2/09/1964 ~ 6/09/2005
    Bill we miss you everyday.
    You are always on our minds,
    as I am sure you keep us in your sight.
    You were a loving husband , father, son and brother.
    I pray that you know how deep my love for you is.
    If only once more I could hear your voice,
    feel your touch and look into those deep blue eyes,
    only to hear you say you love me once more.
    With All My Love.. Lesa

  • Harry Gibbs
    Sept 17, 1934-Sept 3,2000.
    Love from your wife Dolores,
    your sister Catherine,
    nephews Wayne & Glenn, & Waynes wife Ellen, & their children.
    Harry will also be remembered
    by his brother & sister-in-laws, and friends.

  • Anthony Harris
    09/03/1966 & passed away on 10/12/1991.
    I will always believe that I am your rib.
    I miss you still
    and will love you always.
    Love forever, your wife, Debra

  • Gene Harris
    02/27/1944 ~ 04/12/1994
    We all miss you
    Love, Katherine

  • Emerson Hartling
    02/25/55 - 10/07/2000.
    Sadly missed by all who loved him.
    Love, Carol
    and children April, Angie & Andrew

  • Robert E. Hawker
    When you came into my life I was nothing
    And you made me something.
    Now you are gone & I am back to being nothing
    You are & always will be the love of my life forever.
    You are in my heart, mind & soul.
    Your spirit will always be with me.
    Until we meet in heaven.
    Forever yours,
    Your loving wife, Connie

  • Howard Hopkins
    Love, Your Wife

  • James Hudspeth
    09/05/1927 ~ 07/12/1985.
    Forever in our hearts.
    Always in my heart, Jane

  • Donnie L. Huffman
    12/17/1956 ~ 12/8/1995.
    The kids & I miss you,
    but we're okay.
    I think I did okay raising them alone.
    Vicki, Neil & Brad

  • George Jackson
    I know you are in Gods hands
    & have been there.
    I will always love you.
    Thanks for all you meant to me.

  • Kenneth Dale Jackson Jr.
    11-14-1963 to 3-28-1998
    You left us without a goodbye.
    Your children & I miss you terribly
    & will love you forever.
    I'll never understand your choice to die.
    I hope you have found peace at last.
    Love you more than there are stars in the sky,

  • Harold M. Jacobs
    December 22, 1956 ~ May 5, 1979
    My Dearest Darling,
    You have been gone as long as you lived,
    but my love for you has never died!
    It never will!!
    We had two beautiful children,
    one you never lived to see.
    He is 21 years old now,
    and your daughter is 24
    and expecting your first grandchild.
    You would really be proud of these kids.
    Wherever you are, we LOVE YOU!!
    Will never stop missing you,
    your wife & friend, Dean

  • Fred Koester
    Click on name to view his page

  • Vincent Kuzmicki SR.
    12/28/1945 ~ 1/17/2001
    Vinny, we miss you so much.
    We know you are with God
    and we will be together again.
    I miss you honey, Janet

  • Scottie Dale LaBove
    7/30/1963 ~ 7/8/1987.
    My husband, my friend.

  • Cecil Bradley Lamb, SR.
    It's been 3 years since you went home to Heaven
    but it still seems like yesterday
    when we lost you to cancer.
    Our lives are not the same
    without you in it.
    Life has been rough for mom
    & all of us
    without you to give us advice
    & a helping hand when we need it.
    We all love & miss you.
    Love, Jacqueline, Jack,
    your grandsons,
    Loving wife Barbara
    & the others.

  • Clark McGraw
    A tribute to a wonderful man
    who took me to the top
    Keep watching over me
    I miss you sunshine.
    Love, Michele

  • William E. Milton
    Ernie we miss you.
    You would be so proud of your grandson Preston.
    He like the Carousel too & all rides.
    He could be a Carnie when he grows up.
    Your daughter is so grown up now.
    She is getting married this month
    and I know you will be there in spirit.
    Tell Rick Nolan hello for us.
    We miss him too.
    The best Carnival boss I've known.
    Love, Rose

  • Michael Montgomery
    02/23/1965 ~ 03/9/1997
    It doesn't seem like you have been gone for almost 4yrs,
    There is not a day that doesn't go
    by that I don't think about you.
    Many times I have dreams about you
    & can't figure out what they really mean.
    You will forever be in my heart
    & the kids will never forget their dad.
    We love & miss you very much.
    Love, Debra, Nicole & Michael

  • Michael Thomas Morris
    You entered this earth on January 2, 1947
    & God took you back home, October 30, 1997.
    Too little time
    for someone as wonderful as you.
    I miss you terribly
    and I will love you always
    I love you,
    Your wife Pat

  • Micheal James Morvant
    August 22,1966 ~ May 09, 2001
    You will always be our hero.
    We miss you honey,
    always remember our dance isn't over,
    I was born on the nite you kissed me
    and died inside the nite you left me.
    Loving You Forever & A Day

  • Charles Mounts Jr
    Love Your Wife, Sheena
    & kids; Bradley,Scott,Tyler,Nathaniel & Tiffani

  • Francis "Patrick" Murray
    01/01/01 Was went you went to be our Father in Heaven.
    Save a place for all of us! Click Here to Visit "He's My Angel Always"
    We will love you Forever and a Day, See you in Heaven.. Lisa, Deanna, Grace & Nathaniel

  • James W. Myers
    I miss you so much.
    One day we will be together again
    in God's home.
    You are my life & will always be.
    I Love You Today, Tomorrow & Always,

  • Daniel Dean Nutter
    2/11/1948 ~ 1/12/1998
    Not a day goes by
    that you are not in our hearts & prayers.
    Sadly missed by all
    and lovingly thought of each day.
    Love, Karen, Karma & Fritz

  • Robert "Bob" Pluta
    January 1, 1957 ~ February 4, 2001
    You left us too young
    and we never even got the chance
    to say goodbye.
    We will love & miss you
    forever and always.
    Love, Wife Lori & daughters Deanna & Emily

  • David W. Shetley
    11/15/1956 ~ 06/20/1988
    I still hear your laughter
    in my dreams.
    My dear friend & husband,
    Words cannot express my gratitude
    for the love & support
    you gave so freely.
    Your generosity, and love of life,
    inspired all who knew you.
    Until we meet again,
    Forever & Always
    you are in my thoughts.

  • Shawn Loadwick Strickland
    Shawn was my best friend.
    He always found the good in all people,
    always lifted everyone up.
    He died in a car accident Dec. 23, 2000.
    Shawn always had a smile on his face.
    I miss him so much.
    He showed so much love and compassion....
    he was only 33...
    and had told me he felt like he would die when he was 33
    ....and he did.
    Love you forever, Sue

  • John Alan Thompson
    1939 ~ 2001
    We always went on our journeys together
    but you forgot me this time.
    So wait my dear
    as I will soon take your hand
    & we will finish this journey together.
    Your wife of 34 yrs,

  • James Gary Thorpe
    You were my strength
    during our trials & tribulations.
    My friend in time of need.
    A great daddy to our two children.
    A wonderful husband of 25 years.
    An inspiration to our Faith.
    Missing you.
    "til we meet again."
    Love you always...Ruthie

  • Roger L. Timmons
    Even though we were together
    for a short time
    we will be together forever
    in HEART and SOUL!
    I love and miss you babe,
    see ya soon.
    Love you forever.

  • Norman Kent Wampler Jr.
    Kent, it has been a year since I lost you to cancer.
    I will always love you.
    Please know you were my true love
    and I will always cherish all my memories of you.
    I miss you so much.
    Only God knows why these things happen.
    I'll see you in heaven.
    Nikki & I will wait by the ocean for you.
    Love & miss you.
    Your wife always, Michelle

  • Thomas Weber
    11/13/1929 ~ 05/13/2001
    Tom I will always love you.
    I miss you so much.
    Can't wait to be with you again

  • Byron Pierce Winters
    Sept. 12, 1927-April 1, 1998.
    I Loved You and still do with all my heart!

  • John Zahn Jr.
    9-13-1946 ~ 6-18-2005.
    Life without you is going on John...
    not as pleasant as when you were here
    and I don't smile as often anymore....
    but I'm doing alright.
    I miss you so much.....
    you were my dearest and best friend.
    I love you Jonnie!

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