In Memory of Frederick W. Koester

February 22, 1952 ~ June 6th, 2000

From the hollow in my heart formed by your passing
I enter the corridor that leads from me to you
Across the paths & through the mists of time and memory
You are ardently loved and never forgotten for all time.

My heart will never know the love that we shared again with any other
but will remember my love always

Fred was a beautiful, gentle soul.
Too gentle for the ways of the world.
He was sweet and had a wonderful sense of humor.
He loved baseball, basketball, tennis and music.
He lived a tortured life
ever striving to find peace within himself.
Years may pass,
yet his face of a young man,
remains forefront and clear before me,
that no time will ever erase.

I have always,
and will always,
love you wherever you are.