In Memory of Our Wives

  • Sarah Yoshie Adamson-August 20, 1978 ~ July 25, 2001. You are & always shall be my best friend & my soul mate. I miss you very much. Only married ten short months. I'm glad for the time we had together & the life time of memories we made. I love you so very much. I patiently wait to be re-united with you in Heaven. Until then may God pour out all his love & blessing's on you! Your loving husband, forever & always, Brian

  • Anastasiya-Love, your husband.

  • Norma J. Denu-Born April 12,1943..Died Oct.21,2000. We thank the Lord above for blessing us with a lifetime of LOVE. We miss you, husband; Ron and children; Deb & Mark

  • Virginia Johnson-Love, your husband & family.

  • Judy Rohrer-We love you & miss your bright eyes, smile, & challenging character. Love, her husband Russ

  • Heather (Kennedy) Smith-You were born 1/3/58 & left us on 6/21/97. You are now a flower in heaven. We miss you. We love you still...Love your husband Carl & son Michael

  • Dorothy Marie Strong-09/25/1938 ~ 05/01/1979. We all love & miss you, still even though it's been almost 22 yrs now. We all think about you everyday. Always have..always will. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. From your husband Charles Strong & all your kids; James, Charles, Eddie, Doug, Larry, Tammy, Jimmy, & Tony. LOVE YOU ALWAYS

  • Andrea Kay Sudbrock-9/18/75 ~ 3/21/01. You made me the richest man on earth. You are the best thing that will ever happen to me. I will love you forever & always be your Blakey-Bear. I love you, miss you, & cannot wait to be with you to hold you in my arms once more. Love, your Blakey-Bear

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