My brother
Travis Lee Gilreath
was 4 months
from his 21st birthday
when he was killed
in a car crash.
He was the driver
in this vehicle.
He had made a mistake
that cost him his life.
He had been drinking
then chose to drive.
He lost control
and that ended his precious life.
I had just visited him
the night before.
I never saw him again.
I Love You & miss you everyday
Until I will be able to see you again.

Travis Lee Gilreath
September 25th, 1975 ~ May 25th, 1996

Travis left a gap in our family & lives
How we want you to walk in at home
with your wonderful smile & tell us your wise cracks.
Making us all smile & laugh.
I miss all the times we had together
Only wish we had many more.

Love your sister,
Angel Cummings

Travis was more
than just a brother
he was my best friend.
If I needed someone
to talk to,
he would listen.
If I need to cry,
he was the shoulder
I would cry on.
He would comfort me,
and make me smile
He was so caring,
unselfish and loving.

We all miss you,
Angel, Mom, Susan & Kim