My son
Michael John Downing
was two weeks away
from his 16th birthday
when he was killed
in a car crash.
He was a passenger
in this vehicle.
The driver was looking
in the backseat
and went through
a red light.
I never saw Michael again.
Michael John Downing
August 28th, 1983 ~ August 16th, 1999

Michael had such high dreams
of going to work and
getting his drivers license.
He also loved
the electrical field
he was in at school.
He loved fishing, hunting,
the WWF, camping,
and many other things.
He was so full of energy
and of life.
Michael was my youngest
of two children.
He had such
a great sense of humor
& everyone loved him.
I miss his helpful ways
& the great joy
he brought to my life.

Eternal Love,
Michael's Mom

Most days
the memories
of my son still hurt.
My life is joyless,
and without meaning.
I do not know
what I am
supposed to do now.
I love him so much.
I look forward
to the day when
we will meet again.
My days without
him are unbearable.
If not for
my faith in our Lord,
I do not know
how I could go on.

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