"The Meaning Of A Father"

The meaning of a father is:
He is there for you when you need him the most.
He is there when his wife is giving birth to you.
He is there to hear your first word,
To see your first step,
And your first fumble.

He is there when you are going off to kindergarten.
He's there to fix all of your falls off of your bike.
He's there at school plays,
And after school activities,
He's there for several things in your life.

He's there at your high school graduation...
To see you in your cap and gown,
And as proud as anyone can be
When you receive your diploma.

He is there holding you in his arms
Ready to give you to the man of your dreams,
All teary eyed while walking you down the aisle,
And loving you with every beam in his heart.

Unfortunately, Jacob wasn't able to attend my graduation,
And won't be able to attend my wedding
in September of 2002.
To me Jacob J Hogencamp Sr.
Is all of this
...And then some.

Sadly Missed And Always loved by your daughter,

Wendy Marie Hogencamp