• Sandra A. Coleman-My Sister-in-Law was a wonderful person, who could make a friend where ever she went. She is missed...

  • Ralph Elroy Duncan-Ralph,(Dad)I miss you, to me you were the best father-in law a girl could ask for. You loved me for me! I remember all the good times we had, wish we could have them again. Love & miss you very much, I think of you often. I wish I could see your smiling face one more time. All my love* Bonnie (#1 daughter-in law)

  • Larry Allen Elkins-Larry, I know you share heaven with the Lord, you were a good & kind man, always the friend I needed. I was so proud to give you your final wish, to die at home, a free spirit, a child of the Lord. Cancer took your health, but God took your soul to be with him always. I relish the memory of the final time we had together & the fact that of all the people on this earth that you trusted, I was the only one you trusted enough to spend your final days with. Peace my brother-in-law. Love, Your Brother-In-Law

  • Bobby Farmer (Robert)-You are missed very much by many people. You are always remembered. Not only a brother-in-law but also a wonderful friend. We all love you. I know in my heart you are in a better place. Love. Donna

  • Constance Jane Gagne-Missing you always. Love, your daughter-in-law.

  • Susan Gendron-We all love & miss you very much. Your Sister-in-law, Diane

  • Andrea Gutierrez (Pooters)-(sister-in-law) Your time was short here with us, but I thank God that our paths crossed. My acceptance is rebellious. My memories I will always have. I Miss You Andrea! Love Your Sister, Selina Gutierrez

  • Howard Hopkins-Brother-in-law. Howard we miss you & the time we would build things together. I know that you are building for God now. Love, Jimmy & Charlotte Hicks

  • Carlene Lamson-Love always, your daughter-in-law.

  • Elaine Meaux Miguez-(mother-in-law) 09/04/1941 ~ 08/28/1985. Love Preston, Mary, Ashley & Chasity

  • Peggy Mills-(sister-in-law)6/25/1943 ~ 6/27/2000. She was,(and still is), a very big part of so many peoples lives. She was a unique person & our world seems to be a little to quiet without her laughter. Love, Scott & Terri Hathaway

  • Charles Dwight Nichols-Love, your daughter-in-law.

  • Delbert L. Renfroe, Sr.-All my love, your daughter-in-law.

  • Mary F. Ross-Granny...this will be our 2nd Mother's Day without you. I just wanted to let you know that you were the best mother-in-law that anyone could hope for. I miss & love you very much! Love, Starr

  • Diane Davison Taylor-Please click on name to visit tribute by her sister-in-law.

  • Fredrick Hampton White-03/16/1930 ~ 06/9/2000. I love & miss you. Your sister-in-law, Judy

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