In Memory of Howard J.J. Lynn Hess

October 15th, 1975 ~ September 8th, 2001

On September 8th 2001
J.J. was taken away from us.
He was killed in a terrible car accident.
He was not only my little brother
but he was to be my Best Man at my wedding.

There are so many "What if's"
but we cannot live like that.
Many times when someone was riding with J.J.
the person told him to slow down.
But, my little brother,
you did not listen!

J.J., you left a gap in our family & lives.
I want so much to be sitting in my chair
and have you walk in!
We all miss you J.J.!

Your spot in the family
will never be filled or replaced.
I miss all the fun we had
in the little time we got together.

Sincerely with love,
Your older brother Scott