• Jeff Burgess
    We lost you 10 short months ago
    but not a day goes by
    that we do not think about you!
    We miss you deeply!
    Your baby girl is beautiful.
    I hope you are looking down
    & smiling as you are now her guardian angel!
    Can't wait to see you again.
    Tell grandma, grandpa & Uncle Eugene we said hello
    and we miss them also!
    Love, Vicki

  • Laura Nicole Clark
    We love you and we all miss you!
    We know your happy
    and we know ...
    we'll see each other again someday.
    Love Nichole, Kim, Josh, Alissa, and Brian

  • Alexander Joseph Cole
    I miss my two year old baby cousin who was killed on June 7th 2005.
    I did not get to know Alex very well
    but I will always think of him and miss him.
    I know he is in heaven now
    lighting the sky with his beautiful eyes and sweet smile.
    He is missed a lot and loved always.
    Please visit his site (by clicking his name)
    and sign the guest book.
    Love Alex's cousin, Jamie

  • Sgt. Sam (Sammy) Creekmore
    09/20/1971 ~ 05/02/2002
    We love you & miss you.
    You were taken from us too soon.
    We didn't get a chance to make amends.
    Every time we see your girls, we just want to cry.
    Waiting for the day to see you again.
    Love, Jennifer & Jodi

  • Robert (Bobby) Daniels

  • Conner Ryan Frank
    We didnt have long to get to know you
    before the Lord took you away
    but I know I'll see you again someday.
    We miss you.
    Love, Your cousins Amy, Matt, and Aly

  • Danielle Lynn Friesner
    February 21, 1976 & born into eternal life on June 8, 2001.
    She will forever be in our hearts & souls.
    Loved by Many Family & Friends

  • Doreen Waynette Downs-Hamby

  • Galen Peter Medina-Happaney

  • Jamie Nicole Hogan
    In memory of an angel
    who was born still on February 22, 1995.
    Love, Your Family

  • Paula J Hollner
    You shall live in our hearts forever.
    Love, Your Family

  • Stevie Lynn Irvin
    April 3, 1977 ~ March 17, 1997.
    Sometimes I wonder, Who you'd be today.
    Love your cousin, S.

  • Jared William Jamail
    Its been almost 2 years
    since we lost you.
    I never got the chance to say good-bye.
    I will always remember you
    till the day I die & join you.
    I hope you always know
    that I think about you everyday
    and love you more & more everyday.
    I hope you are happy and are smiling down on us
    as we grieve for you.
    Hope to see you again.
    I will always love & miss you
    Love Always, Kimberly Johnson

  • Camryn Annette Marley
    I miss and love you.
    Love, C.C.

  • Jamie May
    I love you and miss you Jamie.
    Rest in peace.
    Love always, your cousin. Lisa

  • Dustin Keith Mcadoo
    December 21st, 1979 ~ March 31st, 1993
    Dear Dustin, We all miss you & love you very much!
    You have a niece that look's so much like you.
    You were a wonderful cousin!
    Love, Aimee & the rest of the family!

  • Margaret O'Dell Blackmon McCallum
    03/11/1949 ~ 05/02/1998.
    Margaret it has been three years since you left us.
    I know that you are watching over all of us,
    especially me and Lurlene (your Mother)
    and Melissa' Kids.
    I know someday we will all be in heaven together
    and never have depart again.
    You will always be in my heart
    and all the memories we had together.
    Your loving cousin, Barbara

  • Bobby "Boo" McClain Jr.
    Boo we love & miss you.
    You left us so sudden,
    with no time to say goodbye.
    We have not found a reason why,
    only reasons to cry.
    You're in our hearts everyday.
    Love, Willie, Shanna, Bailey, Katie

  • Dunstan (Dunnie) McCloskey (Cuz)
    It's been 6 years since you've earned your wings,
    but it still feels like yesterday.
    You will forever remain in my heart cuz.
    I loved & miss you so much.
    If my tears could build a stairway,
    I'd climb right to heaven & bring you back again.
    Until the day we meet again,
    in my heart is where I keep you cuz.
    I love you Dunnie. Gone, but never ever forgotten.
    Forever "your cuz", Bridget.

  • Donald McSurdy
    We all miss you very much,
    and still wonder why?
    Love, Robin

  • Adam Dewayne Miller
    July 9, 1976 ~ June 16, 2003
    Two years has passed since your untimely death
    and it is still hard to believe that you are not with us anymore.
    We are still trying to understand why your life took such a tragic turn
    and what we could have done to help you.
    But you are living on in our hearts forever
    and will be until the day we die.
    I look for you in the stars
    and know that you are somewhere out there,
    smiling down on us.
    Loving you always and forever...
    your cousin, Stacy

  • James Vincent Pape
    Love, Mary-Jo

  • Michelle Pape
    Love, Mary-Jo

  • Janie Patrick
    Janie, It's been almost 14 years
    since your passing.
    I wish you could have met Brandon
    I think you already have seen him.
    I know you are at peace with your mother
    Tell her I miss her too.
    I think of you both often
    Love forever, Pam

  • Joey Pizzileo
    Whats up Joe?
    I'm always missing you.
    I love you
    and will mourn you
    till I join you.
    Love you forever.

  • Rebecca Marie Roberts
    Love, Barbara

  • Samantha L. Robertson
    Samantha, We love you & miss you.
    Love, Angie, Patrick, & Justin Robertson

  • Samantha L. Robertson
    Samantha, I love & miss you a lot!
    I wish you could still be here with us!
    Love, Robin Daniel

  • Dennis K. Rubright, Jr
    December 17, 1970 ~ June 11, 2000
    I miss you so much.
    You were my best cousin
    and along with Pete,
    my best friend.
    I have not laughed the same
    since you been gone.
    Your life was taken so suddenly,
    I thought you would always be here.
    I can't wait until I see you again in Heaven.
    Yvonne and Pete

  • Daniel Seeley
    July 26, 1954 ~ October 11, 2000.
    You were such a wonderful part of our family.
    We all miss you terribly.
    Love, Kay

  • Scott Slovak
    01/07/1980 - 03/05/2001.
    Scott you are now in the hand of angels.
    You will be greatly missed by us all.
    Your Cousins, Chavez Family.

  • Shawn Eric Smith
    07/19/1979 ~ 05/27/2000.
    We love & miss you very much.
    It doesn't seem like it gets any easier
    as the days & the months go by.
    We know that you are with grandma & grandpa Dennis
    and watching over us.
    We hope to see you again one day
    but until then you will always be in our hearts.
    We love you!
    Love Kelly, Aunt Barb, Deanna,
    your namesake Shawna, & all your family.

  • Amy Marie Stanfield-Faith
    Born July 31, 1980,
    Took her own life May 15, 2000
    You were the best friend I ever had.
    So sweet and loving, the first one to hug anyone.
    We miss you so very much and wish you were here.
    I know you are watching over my babies here on earth.
    I'll see you in Heaven when I get there.

    Love, strong and true, your favorite cousin, Tina

  • Wanda Thompson
    We miss you so much.
    Love, Dan, Jodi, Josh, Justin, Danny

  • Daniel Turkson
    In memory of my beloved cousin Daniel Turkson.
    You will be forever loved
    & kept in our hearts.
    We miss you soooo much!!!!
    Edwina sends her love
    and hope you are Happy
    in your new home.
    I Love You!!!!
    We'll meet again. R.I.P
    Love Always, Your Cousins
    Edwina, Jennifer, Jossette & Tina

  • Deanna Lynn Tyler
    Remembering you each and everyday.
    I miss you & hope to see you again.
    Love, Angelia

  • Margaret Versten
    Love, Mary-Jo

  • Clyde Walter Jr.
    I'll always remember the great times we shared as kids.
    Miss you and love you.
    Love you, Jeanie

  • Ricky Wendler
    We love you Rick.
    I'll mourn you till I join you.
    We will miss you forever.

  • Gary White (little Gary)
    Oct. 27 1979 ~ November 20, 2005.
    You was taken so suddenly.
    No one had time to say good bye.
    Everyone will miss you.
    You will be with your grandparents now and all the others that have gone on.
    You will not be forgotten.
    When ever someone fishes you will be in there thoughts.
    I wanted the chance to say we love You Little Gary
    and our hearts will have an empty spot in it...
    With all our love... God Bless you ..
    Love Kimmy

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