In Memory of Our Loved Ones

  • Lucille Ball
    August 6, 1911 ~ April 26, 1989
    Actress, Comedienne. Best remembered for her work in television in the 1950s and 60s.
    In the 1930s and 40s, she had several minor roles in motion pictures
    and also gained recognition for her work in radio.
    She married Desi Arnaz in 1940,
    who was her co-star on the "I Love Lucy" show,
    a tremendously popular, innovative, and influential situation-comedy.

  • Sebastian Cabot
    July 6, 1918 ~ August 22, 1977
    He played in the films "Ivanhoe" (1952),
    "Romeo and Juliet" (1954), "Kismet" (1955),
    and "The Time Machine" (1960).
    On television he appeared in the series "Checkmate" (1960-62),
    and best remembered as Mr. French "Family Affair" (1966-71)

  • Steve "Steamin" Clark
    4/23/1960 ~ 1/8/1991.
    You may be gone
    but never forgotten.
    Your music will live on!
    Rest in Peace Steve!
    ~ A devoted Fan ~

  • André Brandon de Wilde
    April 9th 1942 ~ July 6th 1972
    Made debut on Broadway at the age of nine in "The Member of the Wedding".
    Best remembered as Joey in "Shane"(1953) with Alan Ladd.
    For this play he earned an Oscar nomination.
    In the sixties, he appeared with Paul Newman in "Hud"(1963).
    Sadly, he died in a car accident in Denver.
    He was only thirty years-old.

  • Dale Earnhardt
    You were invited into our home
    for Sunday dinner for many years
    and there is such an emptiness now.
    My life will forever be influenced
    by a man I never met
    but considered a part of my family.
    I loved you Dale Earnhardt
    and you will always be missed.
    Forever #3,

  • Dale Earnhardt
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  • Katharine Hepburn

    An icon of feminist strength and spirit
    who brought a chiseled beauty and patrician bearing to such films as
    "The Philadelphia Story" and "The African Queen,"
    died Sunday June 29th, 2003
    She will be remembered
    A #1 Fan

  • Gianni Versace
    Lovingly, from a fan

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