Billy Robson Anderson Jr.
February 27th, 1971 ~ September 16th, 1990

Billy I thank God for the time I had to share & love you.
No mom could have been more proud than I was
And am of you.
You were always there for anyone, anytime.
Wish you had known,
we were there for you too.
You are in my heart & mind as much today
as the day you were born.
I miss your beautiful sneaky smile,
and hearing you say, "O MAN"
I know you keep a smile on all the angel's faces.

Billy, you helped so many people in your short time here.
People young and old
told me how you always were there
when they needed a shoulder to cry on,
or a friend to laugh with.
Son, I am so sorry you didn't know that we all were here for you
to share your pain with,
and you felt you only had one way to end it.
But I know in my heart you have peace,
love and happiness with the angels.
I love and miss you so much,
and know someday
I will hold you very close again.

Love you,
Mom & Dad